Happy Green Friday from Mediweed!

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How to get this amazing deal? Just:

  • Pick your CBD product
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Happy shopping!

Up to 30% off Black Mango CBD 16% til Friday 7th Feb

Great news! We’re so excited about our new edition to the True Hemp range “Black Mango CBD 16%” that we’re offering an incredible 20% discount until midnight on Friday. That’s 20% discount for everybody, but if you’re smart, you can get an extra 10% discount giving you a whopping 30% off the total price!

what is black mango CBD?

Black Mango is the latest edition to our much sought after True Hemp range. Indoor grown in Europe, this is a High Grade CBD strain, pure top-quality seedless flower buds, perfect for smoking or vaping and with a whopping 16% CBD content.

what does Black Mango taste like?

Black Mango CBD is a real taste sensation. A rich tropical fruity cross , with dark dense, highly resinous buds, a deep earthy smell and a rich zesty sweet fruity flavour that will bring to mind the mince pies of Christmas, but without the calories!

This is an uplifting strain, great for creativity and alertness with a tingly warm body sensation to keep you up and smiling all day long.

How to get 30% discount

  • Go to Mediweed.com
  • Make your order before midnight Friday 7th February
  • Choose either Standard or Express delivery
  • Pick ‘Pay by Bank Transfer’
  • Make your bank transfer
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You’re going to love Black Mango CBD!

Black Mango 16% CBD Flowers: new for 2020

Rich and fruity, uplifting and creative; this high CBD strain is the perfect way to lift the January blues.

what is black mango CBD?

Black Mango is the latest edition to our much sought after True Hemp range. Indoor grown in Europe, this is a High Grade CBD strain, pure top-quality seedless flower buds, perfect for smoking or vaping and with a whopping 16% CBD content.

delicious fruity taste

Black Mango CBD is truly a taste sensation. A rich tropical fruity cross , with dark dense, highly resinous buds, a deep earthy smell and a rich zesty sweet fruity flavour that will bring to mind the mince pies and figgy pudding of Christmas, but without the calories!

This is an uplifting strain, great for creativity and alertness with a tingly warm body sensation to keep you up and smiling all day long.

how to use Black mango CBD

Like all the True Hemp range, this strain has been designed specifically with smokers and vapers in mind. Its dense seed free nugs are perfect for crumbling into a blunt (we’d recommend without tobacco for the cleanest hit) and will also vaporise perfectly, giving you instant relief from aches, pains and stress.

the true hemp range

We introduced our True Hemp range to provide High Grade strains for smokers and vapers, and it’s so popular sometimes we struggle to keep up with demand. Black Mango CBD joins our five other high CBD strains; Amnesia, Chronic, Bubalicious, Exodus Cheese and Hemp Candy.

10% discount til the end of january

We’re very excited to be launching this new strain and to celebrate we’re making it our Featured Strain of the Month and offering an awesome 10% discount on all sales from now to the 31st January 2020. Add to that the extra 10% discount available for bank transfers, this means you could get an incredible 20% off.

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Black Friday-NO! Mediweed Celebrates GREEN FRIDAY!

what’s wrong with black friday?

Isn’t Black Friday brilliant? Loads of cheap deals, a great time to get some christmas bargains. All good harmless shopping fun!

Or is it? Could there be another side to this seemingly harmless piece of consumer heaven? Mediweed investigates…

when is Black friday 2019?

Unless you’ve been living in Outer Space for the last month or so, you’ll know that Black Friday will be on 29th November, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day.

How did Black friday start?

The fourth Friday of November has traditionally been the first day of the Christmas shopping season in the US, and is the busiest shopping day of the year. Black Friday is not an official holiday, but many schools and employees have both Thanksgiving and the following Friday off, giving a four day weekend and vastly increasing the number of potential shoppers.

With the growth of internet sales the custom spread and it is now a fixture in over 20 countries including Japan, Russia and Pakistan.

Shopping hell

But it’s not all peace and harmony in the stores. The sheer volume of shoppers psyched up on promises of once in a lifetime offers has led to chaotic scenes and outbreaks of violence are common. Stampedes and shootings have plagued the day, causing at least four deaths and 56 injuries in the past five years.

Plus, many deeply indebted consumers find themselves unable to resist the amazing deals, spending their entire christmas budget on unecessary luxury items, which leads to a dangerous spiral of credit and debt.

amazing offers?

50% off? INCREDIBLE!! But not all the offers are as incredible they seem. In fact, when consumer website Which investigated, they found that 87% of the Black Friday deal items investigated were available for the same price or cheaper at other times of the year.

Moral: if it seems to good to be true, it probably is….

So how can i find genuine discounts?

Which give some advice about finding genuine deals including checking the Black Friday price against various shops, using a price checker tool to check the price history of the item and being wary of ‘was prices’ or RRP comparisons which often exaggerate discounts.

mediweed’s super CBD Green friday offer

Feeling nervous? Don’t worry! Mediweed is here to save the day. We’re not massive consumers, but to celebrate GREEN FRIDAY we’re proud to be offering 20% off everything on the site from 00:00 Friday 29th – 23:59 Sunday 1st December. Add to that the 10% discount we give for all orders paid by bank transfer, it means you could get an amazing 30% off your order.

how to get 30% off mediweed on Green friday

It’s simple!! :

  • Go to Mediweed.com
  • Make your order from Friday 29th – Sunday 1st
  • Pick ´Pay by Bank Transfer’
  • Make your bank transfer
  • Wait for your goodies!

What are you waiting for? Ready, steady….. SHOP!!!!

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Mediweed Makeover: The best CBD Oil now even better!

Big things are afoot at Mediweed. Not content with supplying the strongest CBD oil on the market, or the launch of our new tea range, we’ve now got another surprise in store….

Great CBD products at bargain prices

As regular customers of Mediweed know, we’ve never been big on fancy packaging. We don’t have a Deluxe range. What you see is what you get, extra strong oils and high CBD flowers in very simple packaging, at a fraction of the cost of other suppliers. Solid and reliable, but maybe not as pretty as some other suppliers….

New look mediweed

But that’s all about to change. We’ve been busy beavering away behind the scenes and we have produced some lovely new labels that will make our products look nicer, and also make life easier for you, our precious clients!

which products?

The changes will affect all our products: Full Spectrum Entourage Oils, True Hemp High CBD Flowers, Entourage Lip Balms and Creams, CBD E-Liquid Entourage Vape, Finola Bud Tea and High Grade Finola CBD Bud Flowers, though it may be introduced step by step in some cases.

clear CBD dosage

Our new labels will be laminated, great for oil. They will have barcodes for the shops that stock us, but best of all, all products will come with clear instructions for use and dosage guides, so that you can feel secure in the knowledge you are getting the best out of our CBD range.

Best CBD for medical users

But will Mediweed products cost more? Don’t worry, we know that price matters, that many of you rely on your low cost high strength CBD oil and flowers to get you through the day, and that you need to be able to rely on the prices too.

We’ll be rolling out the new packaging in the next few weeks. Watch this space for details!

Mediweed – Luxury CBD products at bargain prices


The CBD market has exploded in the last couple of years. Cannabinoids have gone from being the exclusive domain of those ‘in the know‘ to the latest elixir, advertised in the Mail and the Telegraph and sold by everyone from Boots to Holland and Barrett. CBD, it is claimed, can help anything from cancer to MS, along with epilepsy, fibromyalgia chronic pain and eating and sleeping disorders. And there has been a corresponding rise in the price of luxury CBD as well. You can easily spend £60 on a bottle of CBD oil from H&B or $145 on a CBD facial serum. But…..do you really need to?

who are Mediweed?

Mediweed was founded and built by Jimmy Ward in 2002 as a way to bring affordable Cannabis products to those who needed them. Back then, there was no CBD market and Mediweed can stand proud as the first company who dared to sell high CBD buds in the UK, and quite possibly Europe and beyond!

Then, in a chance meeting Jimmy met Helena who was making teas, creams and balms for those who needed them. It was a meeting of minds, and from it grew a beautiful union and the expansion of the range to include Mediweed Lip Balm and Mediweed Tea. Man of mystery Terry joined to do the warehouse and preparation work, financial wiz Josh came on board for the digits, technician Craig advised on construction and systems, then finally, Sarah joined the team, to answer the phones and the emails and generally do everything that everybody else was just way too busy to do.

How our products are made

Everything we do, starts with the hemp. The easiest, quickest and cheapest way to harvest this is using industrial machinery, but this is rough and the hemp can get damaged. That’s not a problem if it is just for standard CBD extraction but we need high quality hemp to produce our luxury CBD products, so our harvest is and cured, by hand, to ensure that the all important CBD crystals remain undamaged.

Some is set aside to be sold as unsorted or ‘On The Stem’, the rest is then sorted into different grades, the High Grade and Premium buds are taken out, the different grades of tea are bagged up and the rest is taken away to make our oils, vapes and balms.

All natural ingredients

The exact recipes and methods we use are, of course, top secret, but rest assured they all follow the Mediweed philosophy of being as natural and gentle as possible. The cannabinoids are extracted using traditional distillation methods and blended with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, beeswax and honey to make the balms and oils you love so much.

why so cheap?

At Mediweed what we do is more than just a business. It’s a mission. We’ve watched the rise of Big Pharma and the accompanying opioid crisis. We’re not making claims that cannabis can heal, only that we know what it has done for us, our friends and clients, and we want to make that available to as many people as possible, whatever their financial status. Well-being and luxury CBD should not be the exclusive domain of the wealthy. That’s why we strive to keep our prices low. To bring cannabis’ healing powers to everybody.

what’s new for christmas?

We are excited to announce that we will be expanding our range of CBD teas and will have six new blends coming soon. For the daytime, the English classic: Earl Grey CBD, for the evenings we will be bringing out a Camomile CBD, and we will also be bringing out some more medicinal teas including Soursop which has been causing a storm with its allegedly benefits in the treatment of cancer.

buying from mediweed

So, you know you’re getting a fantastic deal when you buy from Mediweed – top quality, hand made products at a fantastic price. AND we’ll deliver them to your door! But next time you order from us, please remember that we are not Amazon. We don’t have a huge warehouse full of stock. Those hand picked buds might take a little longer to reach you. Your facecream might be prepared in the morning and sent out in the afternoon.

So if you have to wait an extra day or two for it to arrive, try to be patient and remember that handmade boutique quality is worth waiting for.

Need investment for your cannabis or CBD company?

….or looking to invest in this rapidly expanding field?

Cannabis Investor forum
Cannabis Investor forum

On the 24th October, the Mediweed sponsored cannabis investor forum will bring together the UK’s cannabis investment community, innovative entrepreneurs, legal professionals, investors, medical professionals, campaigners and leading companies within the cannabis sector.

Can you afford to miss it?

Tickets and more info HERE

The Cannabis Investor Forum

In just 8 days time the doors will open on the Cannabis Investors Forum in East London and Mediweed will be there as Gold Sponsors of this ground breaking event.

Featuring a host of expert guest speakers, investment opportunities and companies looking to invest in new projects, this is your opportunity to get a foot in the door of the extremely profitable cannabis industry.

Will you join us?

For more information, and tickets to the event, click here

CBD Tea: A sight for Sore Eyes

Laguna, Mulhacen, Sierra Nevada

a little bike ride

At the weekend I did a bike ride with my friends. I knew it would be intense; starting at 2500m, rising to 3200m and passing by the two highest mountains on mainland Spain; it was never going to be a walk in the park.

I have a beautiful bike, top of the Specialized range in the 90s, it’s old, but still better than many of its modern counterparts. Yet like a sporty Chelsea Wagon -those unfortunate 4x4s that never get to venture outside the central London – it had never actually been in the mountains.

Now was its moment….

the sierra nevada mountains

The route was challenging on many levels, the initial climb up the mountain got tougher as the air thinned. The mountain pass between Veleta and Mulhacen was relatively wide but strewn with rocks and with an impressive drop down the side. The downhill stretches were fast and furious and tough on the arms. We slept under the stars cos the refuge was locked and the wine, whisky and noodles we ate there were some of the finest I have ever tasted in my life.

professional kit

I didn’t really know what to take on the ride, I borrowed panniers for my kit and had sunscreen and gloves but it didn’t occur to me that eye protection would be important so I spent the first day cheerfully squinting in the sun, never thinking to put on the £10 sunglasses i had in my bag.

a niggling pain

I don’t know at what point my eyes started to hurt, sometime on the second day. I put in some eye drops, on went the sunglasses and i concentrated on getting down the track. By the time we reached our final destination my eyes were so red raw and swollen i could barely see out of them. I took out my contact lenses and drank my beer – What a beer!! – and hoped for the best.

the long journey home

The final leg of the day was tough. I had to go back up the mountains where i’d left my van, then drive back down to the village to pick up my companions and their bikes. My eyes were agony, in the dark of the mountains it was okay, but the approach of headlights was dazzling and the bright lights of the city were agony. We reached home, said our goodbyes and i showered and crawled into bed.

The next morning i gingerly opened my eyes.. kind of… My eyelids were swollen up and the whites of my eyes red and veiny. I looked like i’d been beaten up.

best CBD for sore eyes?

I sat and considered my options. As you’d imagine for somebody in the industry, i have a cabinet full of CBD. Creams and oils and balms, flower buds and …tea? I thought of the classic hungover eye cure of teabags on the eyes. Maybe that would work?

I made myself a huge pot of bud tea to help soothe my aching muscles, soaked two cotton wool pads in it, waited til it had cooled, then sat for 20 minutes with the pads on my eyes.

The results were nothing short of miraculous. Twenty minutes later the whites of my eyes were just that – white – and the swelling in my eyelids had completely gone.

does cannabis have healing properties?

Now i’m not saying that CBD tea cures anything. Hell, i’m not allowed to say that. But, should you find yourself in my position, with sore swollen up eyes, make yourself a nice pot of bud tea, put it on your eyes, and whilst you wait for it to do its stuff, ponder for a minute – or twenty – on the amazing healing power of Cannabis Sativa, plant of the gods.

Finola CBD Flower Bud Tea
Finola CBD Flower Bud Tea

Finola hand picked CBD hemp flower buds now on sale

Premium buds

Finola premium cbd buds
Finola premium cbd buds

Hand harvested dried and cured cannabinoid rich Finola hemp from the beautiful Czech Republic organic fields. Available in the following grades:

  • A selection of rare well formed premium quality buds with a good density and weight.

High Grade FINOLA Tea

  • High quality hand sorted, hand sieved bud tea containing only the best pure flower buds (no seeds, leaf or stem).

Premium FINOLA Tea

  • A premium quality hand sieved bud tea containing small crushed flower buds, a little leaf and a small amount of stem and seeds.

unsorted FINOLA Tea

  • Unsorted mix of all grades.

For prices and more details follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or contact us by mail at: sales@mediweed.com