Budget Sorted Fibrol Hemp 99% Seedless

Fibrol Seedless Hemp
Fibrol Seedless Hemp

Budget Sorted Fibrol Hemp 99% Seedless


2016 Hand harvested dried and cured Cannabinoid rich Fibrol hemp. Very low seed count, ideal for vaping and high yielding for extractions.

Naturally high in Cannabidiol (CBD)

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Product Description

Hand harvested dried and cured Cannabinoid rich Sorted Fibrol Hemp

Sorted Fibrol hemp from the Beautiful South Czech organic fields Organically grown without pesticides.

Excellent for a variety of uses:

making hemp tea
Inhalations or aromatherapy tinctures and compresses

Adding to food or for adding to your steam bath.

Low but effective THC Level

100% pure and Quality assured.

100% pure ingredients nothing added.

Approximately 99% Seedless

Contains crushed buds and leaf.

Stems and seeds have been removed.


100% Legal with a Low THC Level that will not get you high.

<0.2% 1.9-3.4% >0.1

 To make a great hemp Tea simply add 3-5 gram to a cafetiere and add hot water.

Let it stand for 5-6 minutes to infuse the goodness into the water.

Add a little honey to taste or enjoy as it it.

You can add a little butter or coconut oil to help break down even more of the Cannabinoids as they are fat based and it will ensure you get the most from your hemp tea.

Enjoy  😃

Our tea is quite strong so when you have used up the contents of your cafetiere simply refill it and enjoy another few cups.

Its great for making your own ice tea too, let it cool and keep it in the fridge for a nice treat later with ice cubes.

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1 Kilo Seedless Tea £54.99, 250 Gram Seedless Tea £24.99, 500 Gram Seedlesss Tea £34.99


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