Cookies CBD Flowers 14%


Looking to relax and unwind ? Cookies CBD is just what you need. Its potent effects soothe the body and mind for a meltingly relaxing experience.

Flavours. Sweet and subtle with notes of lavender and cinnamon.

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Cookies CBD Flowers 14%

Seedless Indoor High Grade CBD Buds

Looking to relax and unwind ? Cookies CBD might be just what you need. This sativa-leaning strain has a CBD concentration of 14%, giving potent effects that soothe the body and mind for a meltingly relaxing experience.

Despite being Sativa dominant Cookies’ effects are more on the sedative side. Not for the faint hearted, Cookies can lock you to your couch, so make sure you clear your evening before taking a toke.

First Cookies will lift then relax your mind. As mental restlessness takes a backseat, it begins to ease your body, releasing traces of discomfort and tension, unclenching your muscles until you slip into a state of total relaxation.


The Cookies flavour is sweet and subtle to the taste. A gentle pine follows the sweetness, creating a blend of aromas and tastes as it swirls into your lungs. shortly afterwards come notes of lavender and cinnamon that gently coax your throat and tongue adding another delicious dimension to the taste experience.

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1 gram Cookies CBD, 14 grams Cookies CBD, 2 grams (crushed buds) Cookies CBD, 28 grams Cookies CBD, 3.5 grams Cookies CBD, 7 grams Cookies CBD


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