Exodus Cheese Haze 19% CBD Flower Buds UK

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Exodus Cheese Haze flavours Spicy, Skunky, Earthy and a hint of citrus



Exodus Cheese Haze 19% CBD Flower Buds

Seedless Indoor High Grade

The Great White 19% CBD
Exodus Cheese Haze 19% CBD UK

Exodus Cheese Haze 19% CBD Flower Buds UK

What is the Exodus Cheese Haze?

Generally known as simply “Cheese” or “UK Cheese,” Exodus Cheese is the original clone-only strain that originated in Southern England sometime during the early 90s. A special phenotype grown from a packet of Sensi Seeds Skunk #1, it is known for its high yields, potency and distinct, overwhelmingly strong cheese-like odor.

Though the identity of the original grower is still debated, at some point in the early 90s the cannabis lifestyle activists based in Luton calling themselves “The Exodus Collective” produced clones of Cheese and from there it rapidly became one of the most popular and sought after varieties in the UK. Since then many breeders have created seed lines using Cheese, while the original clone is still found in grow rooms around the globe.

The illustrious Haze sativa first took root in Santa Cruz, California during the 1960s where long growing seasons accommodated her lengthy flowering cycle. Since then, Haze has become the proud parent of countless hybrids around the globe, passing on its genetics from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and South India. Although Haze cultivators must wait patiently for Haze flowers to reach full maturation, few strains can match the high-energy, creative buzz provided by this sativa staple. Haze’s aroma is typically characterized by a spicy scent accented by hints of citrus and earthy woodland sweetness.

Exodus Cheese Haze flavours.

Spicy, Skunky, Earthy and a hint of citrus

The Great White 19% CBD Flower Buds UK Best Taste

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Exodus Cheese Haze 1 gram (free tin), Exodus Cheese Haze 14 gram (free tin), Exodus Cheese Haze 28 gram (free tin), Exodus Cheese Haze 3.5 gram (free tin), Exodus Cheese Haze 7 gram (free tin)

1 review for Exodus Cheese Haze 19% CBD Flower Buds UK

  1. nosebear (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this; I have ME/CFS so have been reliant on OTC and prescribed painkillers for years, as well as vaping to help with almost constant low level headaches and often very severe pain that lasts days on end. Herb has always helped, taking the edge off intrusive pain that prevents good rest or sleep, particularly with ‘relaxing into the pain’ when I can’t avoid it, but I’d found it hard to find a high-CBD low-THC product locally. I didn’t want to be high and slightly paranoid every time I needed pain relief. So this is fantastic!
    I found it mildly fragrant-cheesy, easy to vape, smooth, and yes a bit earthy, but in a nice way. The feeling is a very calm body sensation, with a marked reduction in stress and mental over-busyness. There is a really good sustained serene feeling with more energy and motivation; more than I’m used to having after my daily vape and long rest. I think it makes the pain lesser, but it’s early days so I may be having a mild placebo on that aspect. Overall, I recommend it for ME and related conditions; I’ll be ordering it again. Thankyou!

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