Finola Hand Picked CBD Hemp Flower Buds

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Fresh 2019 Hand harvested dried and cured Cannabinoid rich Finola hemp from the Beautiful Czech Republic organic fields.

Naturally high in Cannabidiol (CBD)



Finola CBD Hemp Flower Buds

Hand harvested Hand dried and cured Cannabinoid rich Finola Hemp Buds from the Beautiful South Czech organic fields.

Organically grown without the use of pesticides.

Excellent for a variety of uses:

Finola is Perfect for high quality extracts and CBD oil

making hemp tea
Inhalations or aromatherapy tinctures and compresses

Adding to food or for adding to your steam bath.

Low but effective THC Level

100% pure and Quality assured.

100% pure ingredients nothing added.

  • High Grade Tea: “High quality hand sorted, hand sieved bud tea containing a high amount of trichomes from only the best pure flower buds” (no seeds, leaf or stem)
  • Premium Tea: “A premium quality hand sieved bud tea containing small crushed flower buds, a little leaf and a small amount of stem and seeds”
  • Standard Tea:  “This is a collection of small buds, leaf, seeds and small stem that naturally break off during transport. Hand rubbed to blend together without crushing the seeds. Slightly lower quality than our premium tea but still much better than most hemp tea available”
  • Premium Buds: “A selection of well formed Premium Quality Buds with a good density and form”
  • Unsorted: “Flowers are removed from the main stem by stripping, all grades are available to separate from this”
  • On The Stem: “Flowers are still on the stem ready for sorting”

Please note: All our hemp is shipped in to the UK in batches and is still on the stem when it arrives. We list a selection of everything we can produce and process orders as we receive them. This means there will be a period of time where your order is processing. We take great care processing your order and take extra time for quality control to ensure you receive a product well worth the wait.

100% Legal with a Very Low THC Level that will not get you high.

 To make a great hemp Tea

simply add 3-5 gram to a cafetiere and add hot water.

Let it stand for 5-6 minutes to infuse the goodness into the water.

Add a little honey to taste or enjoy as it it.

You can add a little butter or coconut oil to help break down even more of the Cannabinoids as they are fat based and it will ensure you get the most from your hemp tea.

Enjoy  😃

Our tea is quite strong so when you have used up the contents of your cafetiere simply refill it and enjoy another couple of cups.

Its great for making your own ice tea too, let it cool and keep it in the fridge for a nice treat later with ice cubes.

1 Kilo of tea makes approx 1000 Tea Bags

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1 Kilo (On the stem), 1 Kilo (Stem), 1 Kilo (Unsorted), 1 Kilo High Grade Tea, 1 Kilo Premium Tea, 1 Kilo Standard Tea, 10 Kilo (On the stem), 10 Kilo (Stem), 10 Kilo (Unsorted), 10 Kilo Standard Tea, 100 Gram High Grade Tea, 100 Gram Premium Tea, 100 Gram Standard Tea, 250 Gram (On the stem), 250 Gram (Stem), 250 Gram (Unsorted), 250 Gram High Grade Tea, 250 Gram Premium Tea, 250 Gram Standard Tea, 5 kilo (On the stem), 5 Kilo (Stem), 5 Kilo (Unsorted), 5 Kilo Standard Tea, 50 Gram High Grade Tea, 50 Gram Premium Buds, 50 Gram Premium Tea, 50 Gram Standard Tea, 500 Gram (On the stem), 500 Gram (Stem), 500 Gram (Unsorted), 500 Gram High Grade Tea, 500 Gram Premium Tea, 500 Gram Standard Tea

1 review for Finola Hand Picked CBD Hemp Flower Buds

  1. ChronChron (verified owner)

    Bought the ‘premium buds’ option. Blown away by the value! Then after receiving it, was further blown away by the suprise tropical fruit/pineapple sativa-like smell of a freshly cracked bud. Leafy? Yes. Seedy? Of course. But still a lovely smoke, an added bonus that it’s super easy to separate the seeds from the good stuff (those crystal laden seed pods slide right off with a squeeze rather than cling as they sometimes do). Best budget option on the market, hands down.

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