Ferimon Hemp Organic and High CBD

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Hand harvested dried and cured Ferimon Hemp Buds

Available in Premium, Standard, Crushed and Decarboxylated.



Hand harvested dried and cured Ferimon Hemp Buds

Available in Premium, Standard, Crushed and Decarboxylated.

Ferimon hemp buds have a rich Cannabinoid profile

Organically grown without pesticides.

Excellent for a variety of uses:

Perfect for high quality extracts and oils

making hemp tea

Inhalations or aromatherapy tinctures and compresses

Adding to food or for adding to your steam bath.

Low but effective THC Level

100% pure and Quality assured.

100% Legal with a Very Low THC Level that will not get you high.

Ferimon Hemp


 To make a great hemp Tea simply add 3-5 gram to a cafetiere and add hot water.

Let it stand for 5-6 minutes to infuse the goodness into the water.

Add a little honey to taste or enjoy as it it.

You can add a little butter or coconut oil to help break down even more of the Cannabinoids as they are fat based and it will ensure you get the most from your hemp tea.

Enjoy  😃

Our tea is quite strong so when you have used up the contents of your cafetiere simply refill it and enjoy another couple of cups.

Its great for making your own ice tea too, let it cool and keep it in the fridge for a nice treat later with ice cubes.

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1 Kilo Premium Tea £74.99, 1 Kilo Standard (Unsorted) £54.99, 250 Gram Premium Tea £29.99, 250 Gram Standard (Unsorted) £24.99, 50 Gram Decarboxylated Premium Tea £15.99, 50 Gram Premium Buds 16.99, 50 Gram Premium Tea £9.99, 500 Gram Premium Tea £44.99, 500 Gram Standard (Unsorted) £34.99

3 reviews for Ferimon Hemp Organic and High CBD

  1. burton.kris84 (verified owner)

    Effectively cut down on codeine and helps no end with Fibromyalgia symptoms. Been buying the Ferimon Premium 50gram buds (which are great) and smoking it (removing all seeds and stems). Fantastic in my humble opinion.

    Not sure what I’d do without it after using it for 5/6 months.

    100% recommend even if just to try.

  2. Dorothy Rehm

    I’ve used your products for the past 2 years and the are all excellent!
    I will continue to be a customer with regular orders, I highly recommend your company to anyone looking for high quality CBD & Hemp!!!

  3. Jeff Tompkins (verified owner)

    We use this product for extracts, easy to work with, excellent CBD content, providing excellent results & feedback, one recent feedback “i managed to get up yesterday and move around the house. Something i have not done in 4 years”
    Makes it all worth it, the red tape & public perception, making someones life better !
    Without people like Jimmy Ward this wouldnt be possible, Thank You

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