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10 Kilogram of our premium outdoor wholesale CBD Flowers

Will sort into Premium and standard buds. Can also be graded into standard, premium and high grade teas.

Very high profit margin

Naturally high in Cannabidiol (CBD)

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10 Kilogram of our premium outdoor grown wholesale CBD Flowers.

Wholesale CBD Flowers come ready stripped from the stem with most of the shade leaf removed to make a higher quality product.

We took an EU regulated strain and selected a good phenotype, with lots of care and attention we have grown it much better than standard outdoor hemp.

Will sort into Premium and standard buds and can also grade into standard, premium and high grade teas.

(All these grades come from this)

Very high profit margin

See us picking the hemp buds and on our YouTube video.

High Strength Hand Harvested Hemp Buds Naturally grown without pesticides and Hand selected for Quality

Our consistently great quality and highly competitive prices make us the UK forerunners in this field. Over 4.5 tons of wholesale CBD flowers sold in 2018 alone.
Excellent for a variety of uses:
Making tea using standard infusion methods. Add a little milk or honey to help dissolve the fatty goodness into your brew.
Inhalations or aromatherapy tinctures and compresses.
For adding to food or to your steam bath, face sauna etc.
Simmer in coconut oil to make creams for hands, body or hair therapy
100% Pure and Quality assured.
100% Pure ingredients nothing added.
We do not advise smoking or vaping this product unless you remove both the seeds and the seed pods.
wholesale CBD Flowers are grown in the purest natural environment possible, surrounded by miles of open countryside and agricultural land. The nearest main road is over 10 mile away.
This listing for Wholesale CBD Flowers is for UK customers only.

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Weight12000 g
Dimensions64 × 46 × 46 cm

2 x 50 gram Tea £14.99, 3 x 50 gram Tea £16.99, 4 x 50 gram Tea £22.99, 5 x 50 gram £29.99, 50 gram Tea £9.99


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