Mark Stevenson

This product is 100% natural and it’s NOT cannabis , after a motorcycle accident a few years back and ending up having rods / screws in one leg and the other leg amputated because of infection i’ve ” suffered ” with aches / pains and the infamous ” phantom pains ” associated with amputations . Cannabis helped but caused the phantom pains to really play up and it’s not much ” fun” being stoned all the time or having to rely on very strong pain killers ( morphine etc ) . Also it’s illegal so there’s that against it .
With these Hemp Buds they give me all the benifits of ” achey ” relief and I’m still able to tell if i’ve hurt myself if i fall doing physio ( unlike morphine ) .
I still take prescribed meds daily but the Very strong pain killers no where near as often as i used them before trying these Buds .
They are cured so ready to use , for ” vaping ” they grind up easily to a powder and for infusions these buds do make a nice cup of tea but is a slightly strange taste till you are used to it but not unplesant at all .
BIG + is these are 100% legal where Cannabis is illegal , would recomend these to anybody that is in the same ” situation ” as me or for people suffering with aches & pains they do help .
This is my personal view and how they help me daily .

Brad Christie

I like the hemp flowers for tea and inhalation , makes a great tea , very healthy , I bought the ferimon 12 , works great for good health . I plan to buy more , makes great tea