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4 days ago
Expert answers: can cannabis and CBD affect coronavirus?


In this article, integrative medicine expert, Dr Dani Gordon, answers peoples’ question of whether cannabis and CBD can affect contracting or recovering from COVID-19, or coronavirus.

1 week ago
Cannabis Indica Speeds up Recovery from Coronavirus

Could #cannabis aid recovery from #coronavirus? https://youtu.be/da_5mt6TgSE

Cannabis Indica Speeds up Recovery from Coronavirus Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is a viral respiratory disease caused by the SARS coronavirus (S...

4 weeks ago
Home - Hemp and CBD Expo 2019 - Birmingham NEC Feb 29th - Mar 01st 2020

❤️🌱🌱This weekend sees the return of the legendary Hemp and CBD Expo in Birmingham. Will we see you there? 🌱🌱❤️https://www.hempandcbdexpo.co.uk/

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