Patch (14 years) has a tumor on his front leg. We were advised to have him put to sleep 7 weeks ago because he could not eat or drink. Eventually, we convinced the vet to give him one last chance and administer him fluids. Secretly we gave him 1000mg of pure oil and by the next morning, we were able to take him home. Charlie (6 years) chased a cat and was run over by a lorry in August 2017, he lost a back leg and seriously damaged his front paw on the same side. We gave Charlie 200mg of pure CBD oil every day while he was having operations. His care team was amazed at the speed he healed after surgery. Both dogs have a new lease of life and happy energy with daily treatment



22/01/2003 The Big Story with Rosie Boycott Editor of the Independent, Jimmy Ward Owner of the Dutch Experience Cannabis Cafe, Anne Widdecombe MP, and Brian Horncey one of Jimmy Ward’s Mediweed patients



We have three new strains for high CBD production crops with over 10% CBD and less than 0.2 THC. Ackrite, Moonraker, and White Mist will be available on our website in the near future. This is the result of years of crossing EU-regulated hemp and cannabis genetics to weed out the weak and use the strong high yielding phenotypes. The strains we used are Tiborszailasi, Carmagnola, Kompolti, Futura 75, and the original Skunk No1. Lab analysis available Growers: Jimmy Ward and Helena Barrett



We handpick just the buds for the highest quality high-grade hemp, no stems or shade leaf just pure buds. Genuine CBD in raw form for guaranteed content and endless health benefits.



BBC Money Program: We follow Jimmy Ward as he opens the Dutch Experience cannabis café in the unlikely setting of Bournemouth and tests the patients of the police.

Mediweed was hired to produce what was thought impossible. High-grade industrial hemp grown to international standards in the UK without changing the EU registered variety. We selected and isolated high-producing phenotypes of Finola hemp and with the right choice of nutrients and careful date planning, we achieved it. Certain types of Finola will give you the edge as it’s an auto-flowering variety and can be harvested in August to avoid the usual problem with Botrytis cinerea we see in regular varieties of hemp that flower too late in the year. Standard hermaphrodite hemp will not finish flowering until late autumn. You can buy UK grown CBD oil and tea direct from