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Do you have used equipment, paraphernalia or any other goodies you would like to sell. You can list it here for FREE.

We provide this free service to enable people to sell trade or swap used goods. Mediweed has no involvement in any sales using this platform and will not enter into any involvement relating to anything sold or transferred via this platform. We will not provide escrow services. You must complete the sale yourself and take full responsibility for any issues that may arise from contact, sales, refunds, shipping and delivery.

We are hopping to create a friendly place for like minded people to trade and source useful items.

Please do not list anything illegal, offensive or vulgar. We check this page regularly and will remove any such ads.

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Item Information
Tiborszailasi High GradeTiborszailasi High Grade
CBD Entourage Lip BalmCBD Entourage Lip Balm

CBD Entourage Lip Balm 80mg

Entourage CBD Oil 5000mg Full Spectrum AtomiserEntourage CBD Oil 5000mg Full Spectrum Atomiser
Fedora Premium BudsFedora Premium Buds
Premium Canna teaPremium Canna tea
Entourage CBD oil dropper 200mgEntourage CBD oil dropper 1000mg
Entourage CBD Oil 2500mg Full Spectrum AtomiserEntourage CBD Oil 2500mg Full Spectrum Atomiser
Carmagnola high grade hemp buds mainCarmagnola high grade hemp buds main
CBD E-LiquidCBD E-Liquid

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