Ganjaland is the oldest Cannabis seed supplier in the UK. Genuine Ganjaland seeds are bred and tested to deliver great results every time. Owned and managed by Jimmy Ward. He supplied seeds from Seed banks like Original Nirvana and was lucky to have and breed some of the original Dutch Positronic strains. Trusted in the Cannabis community for supplying fresh seeds where viability matters. Jimmy feels that good Cannabis should be available for everybody and has consistently distributed some of the best cannabis strains from some of the very best breeders.

Jimmy has been active in the Cannabis Community for over two decades.  He was the Owner of the Bournemouth cannabis café featured on the BBC Money Programme that looked at the financial and legal issues surrounding cannabis cafés in the UK. The show followed Jimmy Ward, originaly from

liverpool as he attended a training course in Amsterdam on how to run a cannabis café.
The programme also featured his search for a location for the café in Bournemouth and the troubles he encountered in setting up the venture.

All our ethics are the same as always and seeds will still be collected by hand to make sure they are perfect.

If you are lucky to grow where it’s legal then you need the quality and reliability of our seeds. We have excellent breeders in Holland, Spain and the Czech Republic developing new strains for release over the next couple of years. Please keep an eye on our shop pages for updates and Limited Editions.

We guarantee you will get the freshest untouched live Cannabis seeds bred by highly dedicated breeders and hand collected by Jimmy himself.

“I Guarantee all my products are genuine, if it’s not good enough I won’t put my name on it”  Jimmy Ward