Mediweed Makeover: The best CBD Oil now even better!

Big things are afoot at Mediweed. Not content with supplying the strongest CBD oil on the market, or the launch of our new tea range, we’ve now got another surprise in store….

Great CBD products at bargain prices

As regular customers of Mediweed know, we’ve never been big on fancy packaging. We don’t have a Deluxe range. What you see is what you get, extra strong oils and high CBD flowers in very simple packaging, at a fraction of the cost of other suppliers. Solid and reliable, but maybe not as pretty as some other suppliers….

New look mediweed

But that’s all about to change. We’ve been busy beavering away behind the scenes and we have produced some lovely new labels that will make our products look nicer, and also make life easier for you, our precious clients!

which products?

The changes will affect all our products: Full Spectrum Entourage Oils, True Hemp High CBD Flowers, Entourage Lip Balms and Creams, CBD E-Liquid Entourage Vape, Finola Bud Tea and High Grade Finola CBD Bud Flowers, though it may be introduced step by step in some cases.

clear CBD dosage

Our new labels will be laminated, great for oil. They will have barcodes for the shops that stock us, but best of all, all products will come with clear instructions for use and dosage guides, so that you can feel secure in the knowledge you are getting the best out of our CBD range.

Best CBD for medical users

But will Mediweed products cost more? Don’t worry, we know that price matters, that many of you rely on your low cost high strength CBD oil and flowers to get you through the day, and that you need to be able to rely on the prices too.

We’ll be rolling out the new packaging in the next few weeks. Watch this space for details!

Q: What’s fruity, loaded with crystals and coming soon to Mediweed?!

A: Our awesome new TRUE HEMP strain!

Deliciously Fruity True Hemp buds
Rich True Hemp bud with a great cannabinoid balance

Exact details of this new super-strain are still top secret, but we can tell you that it’s an indoor, high grade tropical fruity cross, with dark dense, highly resinous buds, a deep earthy smell and a rich zesty sweet TRUE HEMP flavour with a great cannabinoid balance.

This is an uplifting strain, great for creativity and alertness with a tingly warm body sensation to keep you up and smiling all day long.

It’s a fine addition to the Amnesia, Chronic, Bubalicious and Candy in our True Hemp range and we can’t wait for you to try it.

Can you guess what it is yet?!